A dedicated service with the intention of
Building up a students society with a balanced
communicative skills through modern technology

Message from the Principal_______________________________________________________________________________________________

Our alma-matar Kg/Mw/ Baduriya Central College, Mawanella, the paradigm of outstanding records in curricular and extra curricular activities is a 1AB school situated in the Province of Sabaragamuwa. No doubt the devotion and dedication of the school management board, our staff, the S.D.C. and the well wishers are the keys to the success.
I am ecstatic to say that we have been successful in implementing student welfare activities, programmes to promote positive relationship, generating a society friendly student population inside the institution, recognizing the hidden talents of the students and providing opportunities in parallel to other activities of the school.
When we observe the educational achievements in the yester years, we have produced commendable results in Grade 5 Scholarship Examinations, G.C.E. O/L Examinations and in G.C.E. A/L  Examinations as well.
To showcase the talents of students many opportunities are created. The achievements of the students at miscellaneous competitions conducted by various media are an opt testimony. Further, our full fledged computer unit is another milestone in our road to success. Along with that we have launched an official WEB site for our school, through which our students are able to acquire IT knowledge and to develop IT related skills simultaneously. This kind of an exposure, no doubt, would pave them the way to earn international recognition to enhance their abilities and personalities and provide better future scopes as well.
My sole intention and yearning is that our multifaceted versatile institution with a far sighted vision should reach its peak of development.
So, in the name of Allah I earnestly and honestly request everyone concern to extend your/their fullest and the whole hearted support to the management of the school to achieve this goal, Insha  Allah.

M.T.M. Nistar
Kg/Mw/ Baduriya Central College,
Sri  Lanka.