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Baduriya Central College, Mawanella was started over six decades ago as the results of the dedication, sacrifice, and hard work of few elders and philanthropist  of the past decades.  presently it is one of the most popular Tamil medium schools in the Sabaragamuwa Province.

This school is provided with facilities for higher education in science, commerce and art streams. This school was started as the junior school where boys and girls received their eduction together. Even at it inception the parents felt  the necessity for the seperate schools for boys and girls.

In 1971 the girls and the boys were seperated. The girls school started to function in the existing buildings while the boys were shifted to the  buyilding used as the Quaranic Madasa, the property of the Masjidhun Noor Jumma Mosque of Kiringadeniya. Mawanella.

In this Madrasa building the school sessions were  conducted in the mornings and the quaranic madrasa  was  conducted in the evenings.  As one would understand the basic facilities  and the environment  for education and the resources  available were hardly adequate for an educational institution.

As the years passed, the girls school developed, where as the Boys school deteriorated. The vital resources for proper education for boys were lacking. Even the government was helpless as its policy, it could not maintain twoi seperate schools  in the same village. 

Eventually the boys began to drop out of the school as they had no scope for higher education. This created a serious situation  where the leaders, the parents and the community at large  had to decide  on a course of action  to afford  the boys a chance of securing higher education as early as possible.

In 1989, after much deliberation  the leaders, elders, and the parents decided to amalgamate  the two schools immidiately and launch on a project to establish a seperate  boys’ school as early as possible.

Today Baduriya Central College is one of the leading Tamil Medium Schools in Sri Lanka.

Name of the School
Kg/Mw/ Baduriya Central College
Baduriya Central College, Mawanella., Sri Lanka
0094 352246036
Web www.baduriyacollege.com
Land Area of the School
3 Acress
School Type
1 - AB
No of Students
No of Staff
Needed Floor Area
25000 SqFt
Available Floor Area
13,400 SqFt
Needed Floor Area
11,600 SqFt