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The Principal Mr. M.T.M. Nistar called upon for a meeting with the Senior Management Team of the school on the 25th of February 2013. The participated members were Mr. Z.M.M. Zamny Deputy Principal-Educational Development, Mr.M.S.M. Nawas Deputy Principal – Administration and Resources Management, Mr. Z.A.M. Zameel Deputy Principal – Students affaires and Extra Curriculum, Mrs. M.S.S. Naseeha Vice Principal – Advanced Level Classes and Examinations and Mr. M.A.M. Bishru Vice Principal – Primary.
The following topics were discussed at the gathering.

  1. First Term End Examination has been scheduled to be held from 19th of March 2013 onwards for Adavanced Level classes.
    From 25th onwards for 6 – 11 classes. On  27th the Term End Examination commences for classes from Grade 1 – 5.
    Next he requested the Sectional Heads to take the responsibilities and necessary measures to develop their sections.
  2. He also mentioned about the revision process that should be observed by them.
  3. It was discussed to pay much attention towards the learning and teaching aspects of the classes during the lesson supervision.
  4. It was emphasized that the sectional heads should ensure whether the record books are signed and find out the remedial actions to fulfill the missing lessons.  Taking extra classes to complete the syllabus was also discussed.
  5. At the same time he urged the management board to minimize their leavers. If necessary they are allowed to take a leave after an arrangement with the management.
  6. And also he discussed that it is the duty of the sectional heads who should see to the students whether they have prepared themselves to face the examination successfully. He requested the Sectional Heads to find out the problems pertaining lessons faced by the students and way to solve them before the examination begins.