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A Discussion with the Art Stream Teachers
On the 19th of Feb 2013 around 1.00 p.m the teachers of the Arts Stream; Sectional Head As-Sheikh A.K.M. Fazloon, Mr. J.R. Mohamed, Mrs. M.Z.S. Mazeena Zonal Head 6-11 classes, Mrs. M.S.S. Misba Sectional Head 10-11classes, Mrs. R. Wazeera, Mrs. A.C Misriya Begam, Mrs. M.R.S. Jeseema, and Mrs. M.I.S. Fawmiya participated at a discussion regarding how to upgrade the quality of the results of Advanced Level Arts Stream students.

The meeting was chaired by the Principal Mr. M.T.M. Nistar. Mr. Z.M.M. Zamny - Deputy Principal of Educational Development, Mrs. M.S.S. Naseeha vice Principal – Advanced Level classes also were present at this event. The teachers who participated at this discussion expressed their views on the measures taken by them and how they are going to motivate the students to obtain fruitful results hopefully at the forthcoming Advanced Level examinations.