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Beautification project:
Baduriya Central College is blessed with a marvelous picturesque look. Having this concept in his mind our Principal Mr. M.T.M. Nistar has taken a keen interest in the beautification process in the environment of the school. He has a passion in beautifying our school premises.

Under the greening project some changes have been made in our school frontage. Already a number of Royal Palm trees have been planted while the walls were painted to give a splendid look to our Almamater. The motifs were alone by the teachers who are in charge for this process. Mr. M.M.M. Nadeem, Mr. A.M.M. Rizwan and Mr. M.I. Riyas Ahamed enthusiastically involve in this beautification task with the support of the Art Club members and it is being carried out successfully.

The yard infront of the office has got a attractive look because of their labour. The potted green plants with the slender creepers have enhanced the beauty of the yard. Meanwhile the entrance site path has been modified to give a welcoming sight to the visitors. No doubt this beautification tasks will make our school outstanding and the most picturesque school in the Kegalle District among other leading schools.