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A discussion with the Science Teachers

A discussion was arranged by the science unit of Baduriya Central College on 23rd of February 2013 at 1:00 p.m at principal’s office which was chaired by the Principal of the college Mr.M.T.M. Nistar.

The science staff Mr. Z.M.M. Zamny (D.P), Mr. A.H.M. Rafeek (S.H), Mr. M. Arulrajan, Mrs. M.S.F. Jesmin, Mrs. M.H.L.F. Naleefa and Miss M.J.F Akrama took part at this discussion.

When addressing, the Principal emphasized that the teachers should pay more attention to upgrade the teaching  and learning process of our science students. At the same time their ethical conduct should be strictly observed.

After the discussion of the analysis of last year’s results they focused on the situation of the present year and daily attendance of students. It was decided to obtain term exam papers from other schools where standard papers are available.

Further, it was discussed about the inadequate facilities of the science laboratory and the measure which could be taken to solve such problems.