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A remarkable event of Baduriya Central College
On the 15th of September a project for greening the school environment was launched at Baduriya Central College. The principal Mr. M.T.M. Nistar, Deputy Principals, Vice Principals, Sectional heads and a set of selected teachers enthusiastically participated at this event. Our principal hopefully says, “Greening our school premises and creating a picturesque atmosphere is a part and parcel of the upliftment of the college.” He shows an immense interest to carryout this project which could enhance the quality of our school. The main step in this project is to plant about one thousand vegetable plants such as tomato, chillie, brinjal, cabbage and capsicum etc. widely in the surrounding.

As a first step the principal had discussion with 15 selected teachers and he explained them how to implement this venture. Secondly, he spoke to the sectional heads about the procedure such as monitoring the particular teachers who involve in this vegetation and supporting them meanwhile watering, manuring using weedicides and pesticides will be observed on a regular basis.

At the same time class teachers also have to cooperate with their respective sectional heads to maintain the growth of the plants.
Thirdly, after the identification of suitable locations, they are allocated for planting with the help of the teachers in charge. It was pointed out using proper fertilizers and soil mixing should be supervised by the sectional heads as well as teachers.

The most eye-catching thing is vegetable plants have been planted in pots made of waste material such as used tyres and old ploythene bags.
The principal extends his sincere gratitude to those who enthusiastically participated to carry out this project successfully.