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A group of donors visit the college….

A group of donors who happened to have a stopover at Masjidun Noor Jumma Mosque Kiringadeniya, Mawanella paid a visit to Baduriya Central College on 22 June 2012 by the request of Kiringadeniya Janasa Committee and the Old Boys Association of the college. The delegates consist of the Hon. Chairman for the Board of Trustees of the Kollupitiya (Colombo – 3) Jumma Mosque Son of Late Education Minister Badiuddeen Mahmood Mr. Tharique Mahmood and the Chairman for the Board of Trustees of Bambalapitiya  Jumma Mosque stated that they would be able communicate with well-wishers to  find necessary financial assistance for the proposed three storied building which is estimated at the cost of Rupees 30 million by the School Development Committee of the college with the help of the intellectuals in the  school community. The delegates were accompanied by the President of Kiringadeniya Janasa Welfare Association Mr M.Rimsan, SDC Seceretary Al Haj M.M.M Nilar, SDC Members Mr Musthaque Jainudeen and Mr. M.H.M. Rifan (Director, MCCE Educational Institute). The principal Mr. M.T.M. Nistar presided over the discussion. 

updated on 27.06.2012