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Farewell of 2012 Advancd Level students

The farewell party of 2012 A/L outgoing students of all three streams, Art, Science and Commerce was held in the second floor of new block with great enthusiasm under the guidance of sectional heads and class teachers of each stream. Hon. Principal chaired the function.
Though it was a moment of emotion, sad and worries for every student they were highly pleased because unlike the previous years they were granted permission to have a get together where they could show their gratitude to their beloved teachers and mother Baduriya.
Many students recalled their experiences of the yester years with a touch of humour, class teachers and sectional heads gave their bit of advice and the Hon. Principal Mr. M.T.M. Nistar made the key note speech in which he emphasized on their future endeavours, morals and ethics that should be inculcated.
The students left the hall with whole hearted satisfaction with the blessing and Duas’ of their beloved tear dimmed teachers. Though the moment of departure from the unforgettable school life was unbearerable the students went with treacle of merriment in their eyes. Pledging their fullest cooperation to  mother Baduriya in future. 

updated on 06.06.2012