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Senior Management Meeting

The Principal, Mr. M.T.M. Nistar, had three hours discussion with the members of the senior management team on 31 August 2012 that was prior to reopening of schools on 03 September 2012 beginning of third term. The management team includes Mr. Z.M.M. Zamny Deputy Principal Educational Development, Mr. M.S.M. Nawas Deputy Principal Administration, Mr. Z.A.M. Zameel Deputy Principal Discipline & Extra Curriculum, Mrs. M.S.S. Naseeha Vice Principal Advanced Level Classes and Examinations, Mr. M.A.M. Bishru Vice Principal Primary Division and Mrs. M.Z.S. Mazeena Sectional Head grade 6 to grade 11 classes. He briefed the issues pertaining the activities that are to be carried out during the third term of 2012.
Further, he thanked the management team for their fullest support rendered during the second term and requested the co-operation of each and every member of the management team for the forthcoming successful academic term which will be totally allocated for educational development. Moreover, he pointed that there will be only two magnificent functions in the school during the third term that are the Prefects Badge Awarding Ceremony which is scheduled to be held on the 18 September and the Annual Prize day 2012 that will be on the 15 November 2012.  The meeting adjourned by 11:30 a.m.

updated on 29.10.2012